Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kiss Today Good-Bye

That stress test is over and now the stress is waiting for the results. I was told that I would hear right away if there is a major concern and here it is beyond the right away border and no word so the concern is down graded to less than major. I am still anxious though.

On top of that anxiety is my mortal fear of the dentist. Because of that fear, I ignored a filling loss for some time since there was no pain. When the tooth cracked I knew I had to get moving but coasted a bit more until I woke up with a swollen face. Not terribly swollen, at least with my fat face it was hard to see but I could feel it so the husband called for me, yes, I am that chicken. I got a round of antibiotics and today I am off to the dentist and I have to summon all of the courage I can to get through this.

I will get through this, I always do. When am I going to be rid of this nasty sinking stomach and jaw clenching freaked out dread? If my mother were here I would be letting her know it's all because of those early years at Dr. Holmes office. No Novocaine, no gas, no high speed drill, just him going at it and telling you to stop being such a baby. He had crooked teeth by the way. But, as my mother would say, he was in walking distance and having no car, that was the first priority for any medical issue. Can't say she didn't take care of us. We were dragged kicking and screaming twice a year to that torturer. It was never just one appointment either. There were always cavities and cavities and then if no cavities the fillings put in when ever had to be replaced.

OK. Enough! That is not the case with this dentist I am seeing today. He is gentle and kind and always uses Novocaine and that still doesn't matter. I am freaking panicky.

In times like these, I can't wait for tomorrow since this will all be over with then.

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Sara said...

Keeping good thoughts on your stress test...

Oh, you remind me of myself...I have an awful time getting myself to the dentist...I've not had great experiences with them either...