Monday, November 16, 2009

Stressed Out

I am out of thoughts and words and energy. Thank goodness that today is a picture perfect fall day. The sun is coming out, there are still a few, colorful leaves on the trees but most are bare. The walk to the beach with the pooch is delightful. She loves to walk through the piles of oak leaves the wind has arranged and the sound is such a childhood memory. My Dad would rake the leaves into piles and we would run and jump in them. I don't recall that he ever became angry, maybe he was raking the piles so that we could have that fun. Nice thought. I'll keep it.

Tomorrow I have to go for a nuclear stress test. Sounds ominous doesn't it? Well, it is just a checkup since I had a bypass, a triple, some years ago. I haven't had any symptoms but it has been a while and the new cardiologist I'm seeing wants to check things out a bit. I have to admit I am nervous. I keep going back to the last round of tests that led to the surgery and it gets me very anxious. Not a good thing probably. To have this stress in advance of the stress test. On top of the stress I can have no caffeine products so the morning coffee is not in my radar. I am maybe more stressed due to that.

On top of that, the Patriots blew it. Sad Sunday!

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