Sunday, February 01, 2009

Go Teams! and a Movie Review

I give up. It's SuperGadzooks Sunday and FOOTBALL is everywhere. I will sit back and pass the snacks and chili and I mean pass. This stomach thing is getting better but not that much better. While the corn bread (made with creamed corn and whole kernel corn and sour cream and corn meal and oh my it is GGGGOOOODDDD!!) is being munched along with the husband's buffalo wings (made from scratch he does) and chili (again, the man is a miracle worker with food), I will satisfy myself with possibly a baked potato. Sounds good right? You say right or else!

Saw a movie last night, Pride and Glory, and I am still mulling this one over. Jon Voigt was in it and he is such a great actor. Colin Farrell was his son-in-law and he played a rogue cop with every one of his emotional breakdown tricks. His eyes were WIDE open and he frequently pounded a wall, you knew from those moves that he was a man on the verge. Ed Norton I usually love to watch but for some reason he was like a robot in this thing. He was Jon Voigt's son and maybe because he played so many scenes with Voigt who, as I said, is so great. Maybe that's why he was distinctly unbelievable and when I say he read his lines....yeah. He read his lines. Very disappointing. The whole thing was ok and passed the time. Too bad. It had some real potential. The other guy who played Voigt's son was Noah Emmerich. I have to say he was great and the woman who played his wife really stole the whole thing.

So, there you have my movie review for the week. If I had spent a movie ticket amount on it I would be most unhappy. I had a promo code for redbox and so it was FREE and therefore I have no regrets that I spent my Saturday evening watching it.


Sara said...

Football is everywhere - even the puppies have a puppy bowl on the Animal planet!

Thanks for you comment about Killian...I think he thinks he is a dog - cause he grew up with four dogs! I think he learned from them!

Joyful Days said...

That cornbread sounds awesome!! I've not watched a movie in a long time. I've got several piled up just waiting.