Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's all about the goals

Just a quick note. Evidently Hannity had some kind of montage of Big O spouting his usuals and he used the word crisis over 30 times. The blogger noting this said that he found it odd since usually during a time of "crisis" our leaders would try to hold us steady and not foment panic. Well that blogger was assuming the goal of our leaders was other than their goal. I believe our new leader is working from an old playbook. How can the peasants revolt if they are not foaming at the mouth fed up with the money lenders and corporate greedy capitalists? The peasants can see that the comrades in DC are spurning the ideals of capitalism. The comrade leaders are urging communal sacrifice. Those who have plenty will suffer with those who don't our comrade leaders will see to divine that a ton of racism can be thrown into the mix so that in addition to greedy capitalists finally suffering, they happen to be white. Huzzah!! And so my theory as to why no one in DC is trying to relieve the angst and growing panic. The peasants are more malleable when they are driven by terror.

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