Monday, February 02, 2009

Monday Morning Thought

As I do each morning, I zoom through the different favorites in my news folder and shake my head over the stuff that now passes for news. I learned that two lesbian heiresses, Casey Johnson and someone else are back together after a fight which included setting hair on fire. These two are "well known celebrities". What does it take? A few billion dollars, wasted days and nights of being wasted and there we are. How cool is that? This whole decade is the age of mouth breathers who happen to be rich, therefore they rule. They also, in some cases, get elected and trust me people, I happen to be a fan of GW so don't go off on him look at your other choices would you please? Yes. I am referring to the Kennedy crowd for example....take John Kerry and yikes for the sake of all who work for a living please consider Al Gore as a prime example of a lunatic in charge of the asylum.

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Joyful Days said...

This country (well the world for that matter) has very sad ideas for celebrities.

Hope you're feeling better!