Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Transparency - We See Right Through You

I have been operating at half speed around here with the after effects of a long lingering stomach virus. I do, however have a thought or two and naturally it is current events inspired. Remember current events in school? We used to get a small newspaper called the weekly reader and it had various stories in it. It came out once a week and as I recall that was current events day. In addition to the weekly reader we were to bring in a story from the newspaper or the tv or radio news and each would present it and the class would discuss. In that way we were children aware of the world around us. The stories were our choice and we were not led in any mind altering way to have opinions other than our own. Ah. Those were the days. Now, it seems the stories in the papers and on the radio and tv are the mind altering events. No longer can the world of media rely on someone out there to bend the minds to their agendas. They have to bend the facts and . . . but I digress.

What this started out to be was a quick blurb on some scattered thoughts I have had. One concerns the transparency of this new twist in the political fabric. Seems to me the only transparent thing is that we are now more able to see through the moves made on the Hill. None of what occurs seems to be what it began to be. It is clear that the grab for money has nothing to do with stimulating the economy for us, the people working the gerbil wheel that keeps it going. That grab is more about feeding the bunch of clucking chickens who want pay back for putting this gang in office.

What's that bill about emissions the big O just signed. How can we be throwing money at the car industry to keep them floating and yet passing bills that restrict how they can do business. Here's a bunch of money (that's for the union that supported this push into office - not the union members by the way....the union management) and now try to stay open with the rules and regulations we will force upon you (that's for the greenies that put this group into power) and when all fails this government will step in and take over the industry totally (that's to accomplish the real goals of this new dream team - total socialization of this country). See? Not so hard to figure out now is it?

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Joyful Days said...

We are being overloaded with information and many just don't care enough to really look at what is going on. Of course BO is keeping the doors tightly closed on so many things.

I really hope you are feeling better. This thing really hit you hard.

Take care,