Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pumping Up

Several things are gnawing at me. One is this A-Rod nonsense. Everyone is soooooo stunned and "shocked" (say that in a Tom Daschle whispering soap opera voice). A friend of mine back when he first took these drugs were watching a game here. My husband and hers were involved in stats and hoo ha and my friend and I were into who is cute and who isn't. There was A-Rod and we both looked at each other and said, "What the heck has he done to himself?" Come on folks, he was a skinny little stick figure and turned into the hulk and all we got from the so-called experts in the sports world and the ever vigilant press was "He has been working out". Baloney and double baloney. If two old broads miles away from the fray can take a look and know....don't try to cover.

More on the duplicitous press corps later...I mean folks - if you can't trust even the sports reporters how the heck do you read that international stuff and sleep at night? You know, when they tell you that there are no threats to us as a country except when we don't grovel and apologize..then boy are we in trouble. We create problems when we behave with confindence and push back. Do we tell that to the poor kids on the playground...you know the victims of bullies? Just give them your lunch money and they'll leave you alone. There I go digressing again....but really not.

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Sara said...

Well said...

I don't believe anyone any more - the media seems to have its own agenda!