Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Ray of Light

From the Anchoress - sorry but I can't get the hang of linking today so I am referencing and copying and I must say that, as I sat down and reviewed the news this morning (Happy Valentine's Day by the way), I was most discouraged. Yes, more so than last time I posted. I prayed earlier and earnestly for God to bless me with hope and faith and I wanted very much to see a ray of light somewhere. Then, I read this... tell me now that prayers aren't answered. Mine has been. Thank you Lord.

"Be creative and broad in your prayer. Ask your Guardian Angel to carry your prayer before the Lord of Hosts and to remain there, a while, in prayer for Nancy Pelosi. Ask Anna - the woman who lived in the temple, “praying day and night,” to pray for Pelosi, whose name is a derivative of “Anne.” Ask Padre Pio, the great, famously cranky Franciscan confessor and reader of souls to pray with you, for her. Invite the great teacher ardinal John O’ Connor into your prayer. Ask Mary, the Mother of Christ - who is a mother, like Pelosi, and the Patroness of the Unborn - to pray for both Pelosi and the pope. Ask Pope John Paul II to pray for Benedict and support him in their meeting. Ask some of our presidents, Washington, Lincoln, even Reagan - to pray that God’s will be effected in the life of Nancy Pelosi. Otherwise, what’s the point of confessing the Communion of Saints in the Apostles Creed?
Pray every day for our leadership, but during these next 8 days, why not pray for Pelosi, especially, in this way?
And then trust. And do not be afraid. All things work to God’s purposes, even when we cannot imagine how. Surprises and mysteries are the most joyful and interesting part of the life of faith! And praying for others will only strengthen our own faith, hope and charity.
It’s good training for Lent, too, which begins on February 25.

and I leave you with that. Thank you Anchoress. You always lighten my heart by pointing me in the upward direction. Go read the whole thing at

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Joyful Days said...

I love to read The Anchoress. That was so true--so hard, but true.