Thursday, February 12, 2009

Doing the Limbo

I am at such a low point. It's February, the month of the endless gray and biting cold and crummy snow piles dirty and reminiscent of that scene from the Deer Hunter. Bleak. Bleak. Along with bleak rides hopeless. Here is my hopelessness rant. I recognize that my hope is in the Lord so I am not at all hopeless. I have merely allowed the constant drumming of the media to echo through my head. Here is where it has brought me.

And so the week goes on. The Secretary General of the UN dubs Castro a saint. Jane Fonda’s despicable behavior during the Vietnam years is rewarded with the release of a previously suppressed documentary which chronicles and more than likely lauds her traitorous self. The stimulus pushes us all closer to bankruptcy…oh no…not all….just us middle class tax payers. Don’t tell us that we aren’t the most generous people on the planet, send us your poor indeed. We don’t need no stinking citizens to help out… that I mean the article in the bill that would have provided this emergency help to citizens has been removed so that we are extending help to ALL.

Are we there yet? You know. There. The end of the road for capitalism, freedom, democracy. Are we at the point where the happy socialists will skip to the bank with anyone’s money but theirs? Are we sunk into the malaise of the poverty stricken third world countries led by tyrannical egotists? Are we all Zimbabweans yet? I think we have a president for life in the white house. Dear Leader may only serve 2 or 3 or 4 terms since he will for sure alter the constitution to accommodate the needs of the people but following his sterling leadership we will have someone like him or worse to bring us further down.

Get thee to a home church and pray. Home churches will spring up everywhere since organized religion of the Christian variety will be spurned by the state. Only religions of other sorts will be approved. Pray long and longer still.

See? It's like the limbo. How low can I go? I am happy to say....I truly have hope and my hope is in the Lord. I know who is on the throne and in charge of the entire universe. These specks of dust who think they can run the world are pathetic when you think about it. I will sit back and watch the show. I know who will have the last word. He, after all, is the word.

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