Saturday, October 04, 2008

Do as I Say not as . . .

Just a quick note. Went out to dinner last night with a neighborhood couple of friends and before we left my husband and I were walking the dog. As we walked we rehashed the evening before. I had been at our other domicile - working still - and he spent the night here with the pooch. He watched the debate, I chickened out. Yes. I admit. I was anxious and stressed over so many things that watching the debate was too nerve wracking for me. As we all now know, I should have watched. My husband was so excited as he related every detail. I personally think it's more about how great looking she is that blurs his opinion but I have to admit she is more than capable and clever and intelligent as well. Courage comes to mind as I look at her pictures. Anyway, enough of that, back to the tale at hand.

As we walked and talked I calmed him down by saying that we were going out and had no knowledge of where our neighbors political opinions rested so get this rave out of his system and prepare to talk about dogs, weather, how about those Red Sox. You know. Dinner talk. He agreed and off we went.

Who started the conversation after her second glass of wine??? Yeah. You know who. Oh Well. We can always move.

Only kidding. I really didn't talk politics but I did bring up unions and maybe that's as good since the neighbor husband was retired from a union job. Oh well, I fell back on my "Unions had a place back in time. . . . " fade to "How about those Red Sox"

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