Sunday, October 12, 2008

Crazy Place this World

From today:

" Federal prosecutors are trying to obtain scores of documents from Sen. Ted Stevens's wife, Catherine, to bolster their case that the Alaska Republican lied about gifts he received from long-time friends."

I know he's a sleeze but does anyone anywhere care about that Rangel Rat? Anyone? Tax evasion is not very large when public figures are concerned is it? Anyone out there care to go for all those years with rental property of that high quality and large rent and always booked and that income not declared and then say it works out to about 5000.00 that wasn't paid? Do you think that the IRS and the press would say "ok then , we hear ya! that's a mistake any of us could have made. Man oh man you are so right. Those notices in Spanish can be daunting. We would have ignored every bit of that earned income too for heavens' sake. Nothing to see here. Could someone get Sarah Palin's high school grades please? If you can't get the real deal well then ... put something together that will pass that fake but accurate thing Dan Rather used so wonderfully well."

I am so sick of this whole Moscow on the Hudson performance art of the Main Stream Medial

Happy Sunday all -- God is on His throne and in charge. That thought keeps me sane.

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