Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just a Thought

Mark Steyn at NRO has written about the massive voter fraud which is being uncovered in many states across the union. ACORN has been deeply if not singularly involved in voter registration illegalities. He said that some close to the source said that all the news that's being broadcast is nothing compared to the real thing...this has been going on for years.

Suddenly! It hit me! No wonder the Dems were so OUTRAGED that they lost those two elections. They knew how much they had worked to overcome the real voters. They enrolled all those felons and dead people and paid those homeless types to sign up and they even enrolled people multiple times. How could they not win??? and how could they lose except if someone else cheated even better than they did? You know, I have a sort of relative who is a basically corrupt human being. The corrupt of which I speak is not just the corrupt which we all are but this person is a LIAR, LIAR Pants on FIRE and she is also not averse to using your money as hers and then saying it's okay because you stole it to begin with. You know the sort of person I mean? The charges the Dems have been flinging about forever are charges of voter fraud!! He who smelt it dealt it as we used to say.

When you think someone is doing something to you and it's not true, well then, it's probably because it's the kind of thing you would do to someone. Right?

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Joyful Days said...

I hadn't thought of it that way, but you are right!! I think they called it "projection" in my psych courses so many years ago in college. :)

Of course I'm guilty of it myself, but hopefully not to THAT extent!!!

In my state there also has been credit card fraud . A couple found an over $2000 charge on their credit card to the Umbama campaign. Did they donate that much? No. Did they donate at all? Ummmmm....NO. Scary. Talk about using someone's money.