Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just My Two Cents (about all I have left)

Just read that the MSM has overplayed that sky is falling, we're all DOOMED thing to the point where no one really buys into this current CRISIS! As a matter of fact, my husband and I were at Lenscrafters Monday. He had broken his glasses and I was really tired of that Les Nesmith look. The employee who was fixing the glasses of the woman sitting next to us was talking about this bailout thing. He likened it to a surgeon who said, "Let's operate. Forget the X-rays. Forget the tests. I just need to get in there and do something." Man is he right. I don't even think he is a conservative thinker. He just knew we are rushing to fix something that may not need as much fixing as being SCREAMED about.

Isn't there a law against screaming FIRE in a crowded place? Isn't the same principle possible with the Main Stream Media. They have been screaming FIRE for quite some time now and Depression and Civil War and -- oh yeah GLOBAL WARMING!!!! We're Dooooooooomed. Yawn, replies most of the public. Those are not the people interviewed however. Oh No. Give us the shrieking mimi's running around their front lawns in an apron waving a spatula. no. wait. that was a scene from Bonnie and Clyde. Remember that one? That, to me, will ever speak the kind of response the press is looking for from the public. Once we are driven to that state anything is possible. It was either Marx or Lenin who had to drive the peasants to the brink and even with their solid control of the propaganda delivery system they had a rough time. There were always the hold outs.

See. I think that without a solid anchor that kind of reaction is easy. That projection thing is being exhibited daily by the crowd with the bullhorns. They would certainly have folded by now. They don't have their Bibles to cling to. Let me tell you how firmly your anchor will be set if you're clinging to that Bible. Those who may not cling to that and aren't reacting at least have the brain the Giver of the Bible gave them, and they're using it.

I'm staying away from the TV for the week except for RedSox events, and even then, if it appears that the game is going south, I'm going to bed.

Cling to something folks and don't let those with the microphones get you crazy. In the words of Dr. Joy Brown, when people have no power they manipulate. Don't give them the power!!!


Joyful Days said...

What an apt description--doing surgery with no x-ray. And likely doing it on the wrong part of the body.

I had to back off on watching the news & pundits. Blood pressure was way up there every time.

I watched a movie with the boys the other night. Much more fun & they were thrilled Mommy was hanging out with them.

Diane Mandy said...

You're mart for staying away. I think the advent of 24 hours news channels has had a terrible effect on the nation's psyche--and probably partly to blame for the chaos and emotionally swinging of the markets.