Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Consume This!

This will be quick and I'll be back later but I just have to say I am SICK to death of criticisms regarding our conspicuous consumption......the answer? Don't buy stuff. Clean out your own closets. Recycle your own paper bags. Get your nose out of my garbage. Now! Go AWAY! I will NOT buy one of those stupid cloth bags and bring it back and forth to the store.....I! WILL!!! NOT!!!!!! Did you hear me?

If you think there is too much of everything then throw your stuff away, give it away, sell it. Then get thee to Walden Pond......bring your journal. Be one with Thoreau. As for me and my house? I will turn on my 75 watt bulb...not neon and jack up the pellet stove. I will drink wine and eat taco chips while I watch TV. When I'm done? I will BUY MORE STUFF!!!


Have a nice day.

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