Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Oh My

Get a grip everyone. Seriously. McCain? yikes that's like electing Jimmy Cagney and his palm tree or Humphrey Bogart with the strawberries or whatever that movie was. You know what I mean. You look at the guy and, forget about his love for amnesty and no borders and high taxes and controlling speech and impounding legal weapons, forget about that and look at him. He's wound tighter than a drum and deep inside he feels we owe this to him. He took one for the gipper way back when, he shook it off, he feels cheated and used by the big R party and now, if he can just hold on to that contempt he has for most of us he just might make it through the big door. Well, we get what we need and all too often what we deserve. Who knows who among them all is the one.

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