Friday, January 11, 2008

Don't Blame Me I Voted for Muffie

Today I am political. Call me what you will but I believe that people who enter this country illegally should not be handled as citizens or better than citizens. Better than means...they drive cars without paying the fines and insurance bills, no waiting in line at the registry for them, no insurance of the medical sort, no worries about income tax since that social security number isnt't theirs anyway. When you do the paper work at your place of employment you use that phony number and claim so many dependents that there is little with held. Who cares? It's not you. Your kids go to school without any charges, you get the free breakfast and lunch and subsidized living spaces. Now our esteemed governor, Duval Patrick feels that even though the citizens are outraged when the subject comes up, those illegals and they are illegal, should get in state tuition at state colleges. The bill has been voted down decisively already but that doesn't matter. Duval is going to introduce the in state thing without going through the legislature. They don't count. Why should they? The people don't count so their elected officials don't count. Duval has crowned himself Emporer of the Commonwealth.

Watch the horizon since Barack is coming and Duval won the governor's seat with nothing more than a slogan "Together We Can". Barack has a similar slogan, as much experience and pretty much the same slant towards what should be done with our money. Duval is campaigning fiercely for Barack by the way. In Duval's case I guess that slogan meant that Together we can elect that man and then? Together we can watch him advance himself and his own agenda. Don't blame me by the way. I voted for Muffie.

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