Monday, January 07, 2008

Counting the hits

I check the counter on this thing fairly often. It reminds me of when I was in college. The dorms all had mailboxes in the foyer or lobby if the dorm was large enough to have a lobby and most weren't. I would check my mailbox very very frequently. Back in those days the USPS was the only way to move thoughts without running up a huge bill on the phone and cell phones? non-existent. Anyhow, there I would be more than once during the day checking to see if someone, anyone had written me something or had called since phone messages were also left in the mailbox. I do the same here. Log on to Sitemeter and see how many have checked this out. Not many. Not ever. Enough to keep me checking however. The most numerous check outs were referred by googling something about a sociopath. I wrote ages ago the signs of a sociopath and related them to someone I might have contact with. It was very brief and I got the info off of the net through a google search. Now it seems I am cluttering up the landscape with my foolish comments. Why are so many people checking out the signs of one of those creatures? Are there that many tormented folks out there? I think there must be.


Diane Mandy said...

I am tormented--especailly when I see that people who google "bird pooping on the head" find me.

kenju said...

Sometimes the googled words and phrases that get us visitors are very odd. Mine all want to see "whipped ocean".

Maverick Moon said...

LOL, I'm a sitemeter junkie, too, half because I have a stalker, and the other half because I'm just curious what I've been found through Google.

Gotta love Google.

Michele sent me to say hello...HELLO!! :D

sage said...

I once wrote a post about visiting a domantix (or however it's spelled). It was really about having a crown down by my dentist who happens to be a woman. I got lots of interesting hits for that post.