Friday, January 18, 2008


Went to the Nursing Home and sat next to the Social Worker who proceeded to dictate to us that our elderly FIL their father and grandfather ... would only be released to a "safe" environment and that meant 24 hour supervision 7 days a week. She pounded that home by telling us that services were randomly sent to the home and if they found him alone they would refer to elder services and he would be in jeopardy. I questioned her authority. I questioned it mightily. I asked her how many attendants they had that sat in the rooms of each and every inmate to assure the world that they would never take a step that was unobserved. I asked her if a patient EVER fell. I asked her what if the attending family member had to walk to the neighbor's for who knew what reason. What if one had to take a shower? What accommodation should the family two people resign from paying positions to sit and watch an elderly man 24 hours a day 7 days a week? Tag team watchers. That's the ticket. Bear in mind that when a child is in jeopardy, those social workers leap into action. Shall I list the numbers of deceased children who died in the hands of brutal and uncaring parents, foster parents or family members that the SOCIAL WORKERS of this glorious commonwealth arranged for them to be cared by? Now this tootsie is dictating that standards higher than the Nursing Home holds for themselves must be met by family members who have cared for this man for the past decade. I am exhausted and enraged and only a little gratified that she finally backed off, sat down, inhaled and became a human being. We were ok when it was over and who knows where this will end.

He comes home tomorrow.....Bless us all and pray mightily. He's really doing great. He's stronger than he's been in months and really looks good. He is eager as can be to come home.


Diane Mandy said...

I'll be praying and hope all goes well.

Omykiss said...

Hi michele sent me .... I know what you mean ... very often common sense is put on hold! I do sympathise a bit with the social workers though! Very often we are to ready to jump in and blame them when things go wrong.

David said...

no matter what, ALL of you will be happier with him at home.
Elder care is how we pay our parents for the years of love they poured into us.
too bad most families 'outsource' this and miss their purpose.