Friday, January 04, 2008

Just Relax

So cold I don't want to think about going out there but here's the dog. She doesn't seem to care and in fact if it were also raining she would delight in strolling and pausing even more than she does in mild sunny weather.

That above stuff was written yesterday and today? It's much the same but last night my back was feeling the step on the HUGE dog toy and twist to keep from falling thing that occurred earlier in the evening so I took a muscle relaxer. It had been a while since I last needed one of those and I forgot how relaxed they can make me. Thank the Good Lord I only took one or I wouldn't have woken up until this coming Tuesday or so. As it is I made coffee and forgot to put the pot under the maker. Caught that before the real flooding occurred. I must shower and put my head together. Where's the shower kept in this place? The husband has walked the dog without me...he couldn't keep track of the two of us. Thinks he's funny. Later

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