Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Doing Great

Well, my FIL is home and great. My BIL is staying over for a while so that Fil won't be alone at night and to be sure that he is back in his normal at home routing and safe and sound. I went over for the day a couple of days ago and sat with him to cover the phone and be sure that we won't be reported for neglecting an elderly citizen. I listened to him tell me what a waste of my time it was and had to agree. He needed very little of my help but we had a great visit for the day. We take him to the surgeon next week and at that time, I'm sure, the report will be that he is back to business as usual with the normal services he has always had. He will hopefully get some at home physical therapy since he won't do any of the exercises on his own or for us. He is the boss of himself for sure. Gotta love him, he is fiercely independent. The visiting nurse and the therapist who have been by are amazed at him. He's not at all as the Nursing Home Rehab Social worker describe to them. They expected to see a confused and befuddled old gent unable to steady himself or make decisions. Instead they see the guy we all know, a capable elderly gentleman who may repeat himself throughout the conversation and could care less what he just had for lunch and so doesn't remember it. He knows he ate and that's that. "I had food" he will say and that to the social worker was most distressing.

Spare me. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers and we are all so happy that he is doing so well. We will back off our constant attentions to him gradually and he should be back to normal by the spring. Normal is where we just annoy him with daily multiple phone calls and visits but he will have moments on his own where we are all out of his hair. He likes it that way.

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Diane Mandy said...

What a relief! I'm glad everything has gone well.