Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Good Friday

Have to say that I am still fascinated with how many people stop by to see that YouTube Knitting lesson I wrote about a while ago. Between that and the sociopath thing I could keep the traffic moving.

Well today is a busy one. Among the normal work issues which I am completing from home I have laundry going. This gives me my stairmaster workout since the dirty clothes are on the second floor and the laundry is in the basement. All clean clothes then need to be brought from the basement to the second floor and put in the various bureaus, closets etc. Lots of ups and downs. Every time I hear or use that ups and downs phrase I think of Auntie Mame. Anyone remember that movie with Rosalind Russell. Patrick's fiance from Connecticut was something or other Upson (I think) anywhat . . her parents had a home there named Upson have to say it with clenched teeth and a prominent chin thing.

After the laundry comes the trip to the Nursing Home where the FIL is to be released tomorrow into the care of all of us. They say 24/7 care but honestly, the things they are concerned about are things this man was doing for the past 20 years. He had a hip replacement replaced and actually is way better than he was before he went in. Now his hip is working properly. His short term memory? Never. He will go to his own house and, as before, he will have services and family checking in multiple times a day. Initially, he won't be alone since he hasn't been home for quite some time. But down the road, if all is as it was before except that his hip is fine..then all will be as it was before. All safety measures have been taken and he will be fine. The alternative solution? Long term placement. That will kill him quickly. Keep me from the social workers PLEASE.

Pray that I keep my mouth shut during this exit interview. He won't be released until tomorrow and if this meeting goes south...who knows? They have already said that Medicare has run out as of Saturday and then.... they will charge over $300.00 a day. I don't know where they think it will come from.

It's a wonderful life if we don't weaken. Have a good one and Happy Friday.

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gautami tripathy said...

It really seems to be something to think over. Whatever. I wish him all the best.

Got here a bit late from Michele. Blogger wouldn't let me comment.