Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just a load of info

I just tried a brand new thing -- that fall test junk that WORKED!!!!! I am developing my technical abilities. Well, maybe. I am determined, now that a lot of the personal angst and agita that has been hanging over me like a big black cloud.....remember that cartoon character who always had the big black cloud over his head?? Well maybe you're too young..I am just returning from a luncheon with my mother's sisters and sisters-in-law, Man oh Man!!! what a crew! The youngest is 80 and she is recovering from a stroke. The others are way older and merciless. They were on that poor stroked out auntie like I've never seen since my mother died. There has never been any mercy in my mother's world. I remember falling down the stairs and she stood over me yelling "What the hell did you do that for?" Yup. That was my Mom. Man oh Man I loved her to bits. There is a strong gene pool in that crowd. Yikes, they are brutal.

Did I get distracted or what? That black cloud character -- I'm hoping is a thing of my past. I am going to move through the rest of the mess that is getting untangled from the family business and the married into hooked up with family I inherited and I mean I am moving on! I have a great idea about a blog that will involve a bunch of people and will tie my love of past and people and memories all together and I will be working on that (as long as the crazy folks that have been interwoven into my life will unbraid themselves and go back to their own messes and stop messing up me)

God will help me I know He will.....I pray for that without ceasing.

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Joyful Days said...

Ziggy? He often had a black cloud over his head.

Hope the moving on involves much peace and joy. You deserve it!