Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Shame on You

I am so disgusted with the nonsense on the web about Sarah Palin and her choice to "allow" her child with Down Syndrome to live. What is wrong with people? Why is every comment so hateful and horrible? Here's what I know. A beautiful baby is alive. What is so wrong with that? Years ago....certainly 60 years ago since I am about to be 65......I was at my aunt and uncle's aunt's twin sister, at that time she was certainly more than 30, had Down Syndrome. Gracie was my friend. I was 5 and she was maybe 30 but what did I know? Gracie was my friend. We chatted and sat together and Gracie was in our lives for at least another 30 years. I loved and still love Gracie. How sick are all of you who think this little boy shouldn't be sharing the air that you breathe? Man oh man..... I am so ashamed of all of you.. Imagine how God Feels?????

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