Friday, September 19, 2008

Help Me Lord and Everyone on Earth

I am so dismayed with the news and things going on in my life and the political poison spewed throughout the airwaves. I truly thought that things were at the nadir of whatever I am trying to say....bear in mind, I'm old and I forget the words I'm searching for, worse still, this damned computer has a touch screen thing that would be the mouse if I didn't connect one and the connected one does not disconnect the mouse thing and I am NOT a typist and everytime my fat thumbs move in the wrong direction the mouse screen thing moves where I am typing to the middle of a sentence back in the first paragraph I started HELP ME HELP ME !!! O O I mean it Help me now.

Ok... no one has helped me yet so let me continue with my rantings.

The one thing that is choking me with outrage is this old bat in England who thinks that we should sign on to be murdered if we become demented or whatever else she thinks old folks become that is not in line with her social system. Bear in mind she is over 80 but "just fine thanks." Her name is Lady it and then pray.

What is wrong with us??? First we kill the unborn and have no sense of guilt since we have just moved tissue along. Then we kill the unborn as they are being born and we say that we don't want to inconvenience the already born and then we condemn those who didn't kill the born that might have been silly enough to be born in a condition that the "elite" have determined was not the perfectly acceptable condition that they allow to be born and NOW......we must get rid of all of the born that turns into something the "elite" would rather not be around to deal with.. you know, the old the fragile, the failing, the ..... you know, us. Anyone but them. They have the money to care for themselves and honestly, I think they think that somehow, those of us who aren't them will take their stuff and air and oil and who knows what ... away.

I'm off to pray for them and me and you and every living thing on earth...God Loves us everyone and He wants us to pray for each other....yes, even when the other of each of us wants those of us who aren't them to go away and go away without any difficulty.

Oh God Help Us Everyone.

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Joyful Days said...

I read the statement about "Lady" Warnock--what a oxymoron calling that kind of person a lady.

I am really terrified of all that is going on. How can "intelligent" people spew such vile and wretched hate.


Lord have mercy.