Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Curious Rant

What’s going on all of a sudden with the horror of the Financial Meltdown? Could it really be a contrived crisis to force a major shift to the socialist agenda that is driving the Mainstream Media and the current Democrat Party?

Don’t tell me Obama isn’t some kind of Manchurian Candidate. I’m not that stupid and neither is he. He is another Lee Harvey Oswald if you want my opinion, by that I mean he has been selected and carefully groomed. George Soros has his hand up the man’s butt and is moving his lips. Bill Ayers is gleefully anticipating the day he is truly in charge……That Missouri slip up, you know the one, the one where they overplayed their hand and announced that all speech against their man Obiwan Obama will be suppressed and doors will be kicked in and people dragged off to work camps for that mind changing thing that we’ve been promised if he gets into power. His wife told us we will never be allowed to go back to where we were. That’s because we will be pulled out of our homes and they will be given to the right thinkers who elected the man. Well honestly, if Ashley Judd can say that women voting for McCain and Palin is like chickens voting for Colonel Saunders….I guess I can say what I just said.

Wait! Do I hear my front door being kicked in? Later.

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Joyful Days said...

Oh my goodness!! I about spit coffee on the keyboard I was laughing so hard. Sadly the laughing stopped because what you say is very true.

I figured out, though--He's not Obiwan. He's Anikan Skywalker. Why? Because he is the "Chosen One," the One we have been waiting for. Well he may have the right number of midiclorians, but we all know know Anikan became Darth Vader in the end. He helped bring about the Evil Empire.

Well, off for a day of clinging to my religion and my guns. I'm holding on tight.

I'm sure my door is next.