Friday, December 25, 2009

A Very Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good nap. Whew! We had the crowd in last night and what a mad flurry of activity. Food, food and more food and good food and good moods and for the first ever Christmas Eve we had not one emotional break down. It was just wonderful, festive and grateful family members enjoying each other.

Our four nieces are the sweetest and best. I sat back and watched the table as everyone ate and talked and laughed and I realized that I have known these girls for all of their lives and for just about every big holiday we have been together here in our home or maybe our other home. My husband said this morning that he was so gratified to hear the girls reminisce about holidays past and remembering the special things that we have done for them. You would think that they were old ladies reliving the good old days instead of young things in their early twenties. It was heartwarming though to see that we are their memories.

Remember that I only have a niece and nephew left from my family...I often feel truly orphaned. My nephew is always with us since his Dad passed away but my niece lives some distance from us and although we keep in touch we don't visit often. Last evening was a joy. Hope you all had a similar Eve.

God bless us Everyone.

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