Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Wild and Wet and Windy

Wild and windy outside my windows. The puppy girl and I just returned from her morning constitutional and let me tell you, the umbrella? when it blows inside out is quite a jolt to the pup. She picked up the pace each time and it happened way more than once. The wind is so wild and weird. It sounded like a car coming up behind us and as I turned to be sure, the umbrella would go again. I was never comfortable, when I heard that sound, that there wasn't a car coming up on us and so, over and over I repeated the move like some obsessives do. I think I have a tad of that going on.

Well. We got home safe and sound if not wet and cold. I wish that I had taken my camera so that I could have pictures of that HUGE ocean. It is all puffed up and chopping away. Glad to be on land.

Stay dry and warm where ever you are. I'm thankful it's rain and not snow or we would be dealing with this again. Brrrrrrrr - that Global Warming is killing us!

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Sara said...

We have lots of snow...and I'm not sure if it rained or not - cause I stayed under the covers with a good book and did not look out the windows...

And, A belated Happy Birthday! It was yesterday, wasn't it???