Saturday, December 26, 2009

Power Rangers

The top of my head wants to explode when I read the manipulative junk I just read about this rotten to the core health care bill. Yes! Now you know how I feel about it and the Congress and this administration and this President. They are manipulative nasty creatures putting something horrible into our lives while telling us it's so good for us.

This story I just read helps those manipulators out in so many ways and I'm sure we will see more and more of this as the bill crushes along in the regulatory process. The story was telling us that so many lives are lost or ruined because the patient delays the treatment. The co-pay is too high or COBRA was not established following a job loss because the payment was too high or not offered because of the circumstances of the job loss. Delay causes early death or life changing harm.

Helloooooo! What happens when Medicare is altered to include a gazillion more members and there are not enough doctors to treat all of these newbies? Yup. Delayed treatment. What happens when the money is cut from Medicare to treat things that used to be on the treat list? Yes. This is a fact. Billions of dollars are being cut from Medicare and yet millions of people might be added. How is this possible without patients suffering delays or denials in treatment?

I have known addicts in my time and they will lie cheat and steal to get their fix of whatever it is that they are addicted to and there is never enough of that stuff. The addict keeps needing their fix and they keep needing more and more of it. Well, this health bill is all about the power that will result once it is passed and these politicians are addicted to the power. Every. Single. One. of. them. Every one from the President on down to the little clerk at the Registry of Motor Vehicles is addicted to the power that they have and there is never enough of that. They need more every minute and they will lie and cheat and steal to get it.

The health bill is about the power. The health bill is not about our health. It surely is not about our economic health since it will bankrupt us and the system once it hits in all it's glory. It for sure is not about our physical health since every one of the country's with similar health systems can vouch for long waiting periods for appointments and denial of services that we take for granted now. Why else do we have so many Canadian citizens arriving here for treatment and why did Castro have to leave the country held high by Michael Moore when he needed treatment?

The power addicts also known as "public servants", now there's a joke, are in need of more and more. If you think it's tough to wend your way through the insurance claim process that exists now, or to fight a denial of service, you ain't seen nothin' yet as they say. Patterned after the Registry of Motor Vehicles or the Post Office, our new Health Commissars will set up a dream world for the power crazed. Can't wait.

Oh, and by the way, get ready for this one. I'm sure that "it's for the children" that we must do this. That always works when all else fails doesn't it?

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