Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I Give Up

So I gave in to the nagging and went to the doctor who has no idea that I have been to see him more often than any other person on earth, in my mind. I guess I have a different opinion of my quality of being remembered than others do. Funny. I must remember that!

The nurse took my temperature and no one was more surprised than I when she said 101 degrees. What? Then the doctor saw me and he remarked that I couldn't have a temperature that high and not look as though I did. He took it again and it had dropped to 100. Listen to the lungs, look in the ears, check out the throat and home I go with antibiotics and some cough syrup with codeine. The diagnosis is almost bronchitis but not quite, not pneumonia, thank you Lord, and call back on Thursday if I see no remarkable improvement. I will now be on the couch and if I can keep the words from bouncing around, I will read a book.

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