Thursday, May 28, 2009

Aches Pains and Tears

How did this week get by so fast? I have been moaning and groaning my way through the past couple of days. The weather is gloomy and spitting rain every now and then and it's chilly. Every bone and muscle in my body is creaking or cracking or aching and paining. Over the weekend I walked and walked and walked and that may have something to do with the aches and moans since I haven't been doing much at all since January. The age thing and the arthritis thing might also play a role here. Today, another gloomy and chilly day but since I took two days off I MUST get out the door and walk some more. Maybe that will work the creaks out.

At least the rain is washing the pollen off the car..all the puddles around here have a green film floating on them. Sneeze much? Well sort of but the worst of it for me is my watery teary eyes. Everyone I meet on my walk thinks I am running away from home after a fight with the spouse. No matter how many times I explain the allergy eyes I get a lot of sympathetic nods and you know the look? That oh yeah sure look? At least I give the neighbors something to mull over.


Sara said...

Oh, I have been that way for four days...going crazy with the watery eyes...runny nose...and sneezing constantly!!!

Hope you feel better!!!

Joyful Days said...

Feel better soon. So sorry for all this stuff.