Friday, January 01, 2010

Hopey New Year

Hope for 2010

  • Had breakfast yesterday at a really lovely place in Hyannis. The waitress was chatty and one thing led to another and the next thing you know we are talking about our resolutions for the New Year. She is not going to be so immersed in the news. She then proceeded to immerse us in the news and her opinion. We found that her opinion is our opinion. We are conservative to the core and disgusted with the direction this state and this country is going in. We, the waitress and my husband and I, are total supporters of the Tea Party movement and backing Scott Brown for Senator all the way. We both pray fervently that our “leaders” in Washington have a good life somewhere other than in power. If she and I can so clearly see that our country is being led by the wrong people…I have hope that many others can see that as well and 2010 will see some major shake ups in the political world.

  • I read that the Mayo Clinic in Arizona is dropping Medicare patients in advance of the Obamacare roll out. Currently they are losing money and they see nothing but bigger losses ahead. A friend of mine, ostrich like in her view of the world, feels that I am a drama queen when I predict my future under this administration. Since I am 66 and on Medicare through no choice of my own, it’s mandated, and I have some cardiac issues, I know I will be cast to the pain pill heap and left to pay my own way as well as pay for the non care Medicare will be providing. She poo poo’s that and uses her vast knowledge of the medical world to cast aspersions on the insurance companies. She has worked in the Medical world and her take on insurance companies is that they are evil. For some reason she doesn’t translate that knowledge into what the government will do when they ARE the insurance companies. Maybe this Mayo Clinic thing will change her mind. At least it might begin to change some of the blindered fools who think this will be wonderful.

  • God is always on His throne and totally in charge of the Universe. Things can change in the blink of an eye and God never blinks.

There are more reasons than these that there is hope for 2010 and as I have the time and energy I will throw them out here. Happy New Year to all.

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