Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just Checking In

This week has been a tad dizzy.  Oral surgery for the hubby yesterday so most of the week was filled with his anxious mood changes although he will deny every word of that.  He did have valium to take prior to the appointment and although he said they did not help at all, the muscles of his face denied that.  He kind of started to look like a melted candle and at one point he was staring at nothing and became a mouth breather.  Glad that part is over.  It all went well and only one more appointment on Tuesday.

Weather is the topic of the day and since I have the dog walking duties of late, I can testify to the nastiness of 10 degrees with a brisk wind in your face.  Last night I wore silk inserts for my gloves since during the morning walk, even though I wore my heaviest duty gloves, I could not feel my fingers when I got home.  The inserts really helped but they are my husbands and too large so I still could not feel my fingers because of the thickness of the gloves over the inserts but my hands stayed warm.  My forehead was frozen and felt inside like that old "ice cream freeze" thing.  Hurry up April!!

I am typing with band-aids on just about every finger since this below freezing weather cracks my skin.  Once cracked, forever until Spring cracked.  Johnson&Johnson stock should soar.  I try my best for the economy folks.  I truly do.  Last year I discovered that using Polysporin every day for two months creates a bigger issue than the cracked skin you are trying to heal.  It seems that you develop a reaction to that stuff and it actually begins to burn away the healthy tissue.  Also.  Once that occurs.  Don't use it again.  It does the same thing but immediately.  Trust me!

Lunch with one of the nieces today and we are looking forward to it.  She's a peach, as are all of them but you know, she's here or will be later and so we have always worked with the "your favorite is the one you're with" method.  They all know this and too bad for those who aren't with us.  They will be favorites next time, if we see them.  Love them all to pieces.

Have to go load up the pellet stove for the day.  It will be running non-stop if the temperature doesn't move in the upward direction.  At least the sky is blue and beautiful.  Later.

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Joyful Days said...

Sooooooooooooooo sorry for your hubby & oral surgery. I'd rather lie on a bed of nails!!

Have you tried Aquaphor, Eucerin or good old Bag Balm for your fingers? I've never used Corn Huskers--but have family who swore by it also.

I'm ready for summer.