Saturday, January 23, 2010

More Scott Brown Fun

Well...congratulations to us!!  Have to say it feels good.  We did a good job here in MassTaxachusetts.  For a change.  I know you will find this hard to believe but my husband and I had Scott Brown yard signs in front of the house and along the side, we're on a corner lot.  Today I heard someone knocking on  our front door.  No one ever uses the front door.  It took me a while to realize that was where the knocking was coming from.  I answered, finally, and it was a very cute little man with a large smile and he introduced himself and told me where he lived.  He said his wife was MADLY in love with Scott Brown and he wondered if he could have one of our yard signs to take home to her.  I gathered that he was not as much in love and probably was afraid of the backlash from his other party neighbors if he let her put a yard sign out during the campaign but was well and up the sign could go.  I said fine...go with the sign and peace and love and oh yeah, WE WON!!!!!

How fun was that?

Later that same day I am doing my domestic duties, dusting and such.  Hah!  Like that could be true.  I was sitting here at the computer reading everything there is to read about the afterglow of the election and some one knocks at our side door.  What? is? going? on?  This time of year no one knocks at any door.  It's winter.  We are at Cape Cod near the ocean in a very summer area.  Two in one day is incredible.

I answer the door to a very tall guy, gray hair, big smile who grabs my hand, shakes it and thanks me for Scott Brown.  He said we saved the country.  I am not kidding.  He's from New Jersey, drove by, saw the yard sign and wants to take it back with him.  I direct him to the side of my garage where I have a couple.  "You're just in time," I said.  "I have these that I was wondering what to do with."

"You could sell them for a fortune back in New Jersey."  he said.

"Go for it."  I told him.  He then proceeded to tell me that he was a retired exec from a health insurance company.  Forty years in.  He was disgusted with all the deals and pay offs and bribes and generally with the direction this in power crowd was trying to move our country and how they were willing to do it.

New Jersey sure did their part when they could.   We pushed back in Massachusetts.  Now who's next?  What exciting times we live in.

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Joyful Days said...

How funny is that! Wish I could knock on the door for a sign!