Sunday, June 24, 2012

Just thinkin'

Just read a story, or at least I skimmed a story, about the brawls and bad behavior of the Secret Service while on Nantucket during one or more of the One's vacations.  Why now are the stories being reported?  Perhaps if the press had been doing it's job then, the embarrassment of recent Secret Service behavior could have been avoided.  After all, isn't that what the press is supposed to do?  Report, not take dictation. 

I think we can view the current political mess as one which could have been avoided if the press had done it's job in the run up to the past election.  Investigate.  Report.  No Propaganda.  If they had and the One won and he may have, all this grindingly obvious nonsense about his past and agenda would be out there.  He won despite his connections with socialists, communists, terrorists and crazed evangelical black power people.  We all knew and elected him anyway.  How much better it would be today.

Do your job press puppets.  Don't do any one's bidding.  Stop lifting the lid on high school stories about the One's adversary and ignoring everything about himself.  Put everything out there and let the people decide.

Never happen.  They're too deep in the tank.

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