Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Just Ranting

Does anyone actually know what the vision of Obama is? What does he see us all doing in a year or two? Will we have jobs? Will they be government jobs? Will we be able to stay warm in the winter without reasonably priced heat sources? Will we be able to own cars or homes or land? What about guns? Will we be able to own them? What about our news sources, will they be free to speak out if corruption is occurring? Will our Justice Department investigate anyone who commits a crime or only Republicans? Will citizens be impugned, as Joe the plumber was and is, and investigated if they speak against or merely question the policies of the people in power? Will the resources of our glorious "free press" be used to investigate all of the potential leaders or only the Sarah Palins? Will we have access to the internet? Will we be able to congregate in public places? What is it the Dems have in mind for us. We will obviously not have private retirement funds since they have destroyed our portfolios or 401Ks. We will have very little private enterprise that is affordable since the unions will run every shop. We will . . . I give up.....does anyone know what their plans are? That's what I thought.

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