Friday, January 02, 2009

New Faces

Ok....I'm back. So I met the new doctor and he is me! No. That's just a joke. I did meet him and I think I'm ok with him, the word OBESE however, appeared on the sheet that was copied for me and when I first walked into his office he looked up from the computer and said, "Are you retarded?"

I wasn't quite sure how to respond to that. "Do I look retarded?" There's one. "Why do you ask?" There's another. "I thought that the politically correct thing to say is, 'Are you challenged'?" is another. I ran out of responses and just said "What are you talking about?"

It seemed that he had searched the local doctors' data base of whatever the Dr Google thing they do is and he found a person with my name and about my age in the medical wonder history and she was evidently "retarded". I advised him that I had a mentally challenged nephew living in a group home and he called himself High Functioning which made him go deeper into the muck by getting into a discussion of whether he could blend with a group and if after 15 minutes someone could tell if he had "issues".

So that was the beginning and since there are no other doctors in the area accepting new patients and since he is young and I will die before he does I won't have to go search again. He's cute as well and that always helps.


Joyful Days said...

Sounds like an interesting guy & maybe one that I would like for a doc. He sounds like he takes time to talk--which is RARE apparently.

Heaven help me, I am going to a new doc on Wednesday. New Years got a little too exciting here and I finally had to face up to the fact that I really have health issues. It's a woman, so I guess I don't care if she's cute. In fact it would be better if she wasn't.

That "O" word (and we're not talking BHO) that's going to show up on my paper too. Although I lost 15-20lbs last year.

I need to post on the other blog.



Sara said...

I know what a pain in the you-know-what it is to find a new doctor. But, this one sounds like he might be a "good" guy. He took the time to talk and find out about you - so that is a big plus!!!!

Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my made me feel good.