Monday, August 25, 2008

Where Did the Time Go??????

Labor Day is this Monday -- one week from today!!!! Note the exclamation points. There are many. My husband is planning, as he always does, to invite the entire world around us to a cook out on Sunday. He smokes pork butt, yeah, I know, that sounds peculiar doesn't it? But and I mean of the Pork variety is great. All of the men in the neighborhood are true carnivores and it is a good thing since there is more meat than you can imagine. The husband, he starts this process months in advance. He buys the butt and makes his rub and applies it to the butt and wraps it and freezes it and buys some more and so on and so on and then........he smokes it for hours and hours and hours and then TA-DA!! It is ready to be pulled and saturated with whatever sauce you prefer. There is a true North Carolina vinegar base and one that more resembles barbecue and then everyone brings something so in addition to the meat there are salads and dips and cakes and cookies and on and on and so forth.

I merely run and fetch and keep the plates and napkins handy along with the plastic and glasses and -- oh yeah, I show everyone where the bathroom is and make sure the dog is in her room.

Problem is, I have no time off this year and will arrive late Friday so I only have Saturday to do what I have to do and I can't believe it's Labor Day in ONE WEEK! Gaccgkk! That is a choking fit kind of sound. I have to make lists. Bye!!

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Joyful Days said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. And where DID this summer go? I feel like I got stampeded and am just standing dazed.