Friday, August 22, 2008

More Prayers for Other Things and People

I will go further into this when I can but I am just so in awe that I had to write it down. It has to do with praying and although it isn't about my cousin's sister-in-law, I am sure those prayers are buoying up that family. Here is another prayer testimony. I have a friend whose husband is a very heavy drinker and after many, many, many efforts he has finally consented to go to a facility for help. Pray pray and pray some more that he will actually stay there. In times past he would be out in 3 days then back to his life in less than that. This time he is staying, at least for a week he said. She got a call last night from him and in a voice she hasn't heard since the drinking thing began he said he will stay for as long as it takes. Praise God and keep the prayers going. I have more but I have no more time.

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