Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Prayer Request

I have a cousin who has a sister-in-law who is fighting a losing battle with leukemia. For the past three years she has been valiantly moving through the medical world of chemo and transplants and transfusions and on and on. Her husband has been maintaining contact with everyone through a truly wonderful service set up by the hospital which provides a website where he posts daily or weekly or monthly updates to the family and their life with this bombshell that went off in their midst. I have never met these people, my aunt told me about them and the website and I went there one day left a message of, I hope support and encouragement, and from that time on I have been included in the daily or weekly or monthly updates. It had been a while since the website was updated and I wondered. I have honestly prayed for that very brave woman and her family if not daily, more regularly than I have ever prayed for any.

This month, the updates began again. The news was not good and has not gotten better. The leukemia had returned and she was hospitalized and now, she has been sent home, treatment discontinued. She has a limited time left and her husband has asked us to pray for a comfortable time for her and her family. They want to share the last days in some semblance of normal family life. I pray for that and ask you to do so as well. We know the power of prayer and if we don't, trust me, it's powerful. Her name is Dee and she has a daughter and son and husband and dog who love her dearly. Pray for all of them if you would.


Sara said...

Consider it done...May she and her family enjoy peace in the days to come.

Joyful Days said...

I will pray for them, Gemma.