Monday, August 25, 2008

Togas for The Politicians

Before I forget about this... over the weekend I walk with some neighborhood ladies who are also my friends. We pound the pavement for about an hour or so depending on how hot it might be determining the distance. We generally go almost 3 miles. During that 3 mile jaunt we blab constantly about everything and anything. On Saturday we ventured into the political arena and trust me, it can be very tricky. For the most part they are Dems but not terribly liberal. They know I am a major conservative right wing gun toting bible thumper and tip toe around me as I do them. This walk however we agreed on one huge thing. Our elected officials are a law unto themselves. "Do you know who I am?" is one of their favorite phrases and is usually heard immediately after they have been told they are no different than any other citizen waiting in line for ... whatever. We decided that every politician should wear a Toga. That immediately identifies him/her as a truly important individual. The back of the Toga would have a D or R followed by the last name of the individual wearing it. This would take care of anyone who doesn't know who they are and it would also, perhaps, change the behavior of the Toga wearer. Perhaps if they were ALWAYS recognized they would try to keep a lower profile, be more considerate of others, wait their turn, not accept bribes - oh you know, any number of behaviors might be reduced.

What do you think? I'm all for it. Uniforms must be worn at all times. Just like a police officer must wear his/her gun even when off must they wear the Toga. The Togas could be designed so that the state they represent is noted. Imagine. There you are at the airport when ahead of you is a Toga wearing gentleman from your home state. You know immediately that he represents you in the legislative arena because of the Toga he wears with the colors of your state. You approach and let him know that he represents you. You let him know of a concern you have...he thanks you for your input. You shake his hand and let him know that you appreciate his concern. You tell him that you noticed he wears a D and you are an R but you will consider voting for him next time because he has impressed you with his regard for the little guy.

Yeah -- I think it might work.


kenju said...

It would certainly make them more accountable to the people!! Michele sent me (the game is still going on).

Chrissea said...

Hey there. Thanks for stopping by (you think the time I'm having is bad...check out todays post!) and visting! I'm all for the toga idea, minus the D's & the R's on the back! Maybe... a statement on their views would better suffice.

Joyful Days said...

So how are we going to get this started. It's a great idea.