Friday, July 18, 2008

Maintain Your Rep

Just read a headline where Pelosi states that Bush is a total failure. Man. What standards is she basing that on? She is not doing so well herself, is she? With all the bashing and insults and finger pointing and outrage spinning around, I had a thought. Yes. I did. Do you know that ad with the angry baseball manager? He runs onto the field and kicks dirt and gets into the face of the umpire. You know the one I mean? Well. It looks like they're having a rip roaring knock down drag out battle and they are just yelling things like, "you're looking really good. What're you doing differently?" The last phrase where the manager says to the ump, "you'd better throw me out. I have a reputation to maintain." That's the one that got me thinking.

After these boobs in Washington grab the microphone and scream about the other boobs. Do they leave the room quietly saying to the boobs they just screamed at, "Give my best to the missus."? Is all of this anger real, or do they just have a reputation to maintain.?

Just thinkin'


R. Sherman said...

Hi Gemma.

Not really here via anyone. I was messing around at "my place" and remembered your visits from comments.

I find that it is impossible to discuss the current administration rationally. I recently had a conversation with a wonderful friend who maintained that Bush II had done nothing worthwhile. I mentioned this.

I was ignored.

I've thought Bush II has made mistakes. By the same token, intellectual honesty necessitates that I acknowledge his successes when the evidence demands it.

That seems to be lacking in our discourse.

Sorry to prattle on.


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Hi, Genna. Michele sent me today and you know what? I bet your point is closer to how things really are than any of us really want to admit!

Sara said...

Excellent post...Loved it...I have a feeling that is exactly what they do!!! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog - and leaving such kind words...I so appreciate it.

I'm knitting little snuggles for the local shelter while I sit with Mom...