Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another Media Marvel

Deported gang members are more violent than ever in their own countries and they learned all of their skills on how to use semi-automatic weapons here in the states. Yup. Thats what the says. Go forth and read for yourselves.

Oh. I know. The entire premise is so false. When did we ever deport any violent gang member? We only go after the legal-at-the-time immigrant wife, married to a US citizen who has passed away. She has been here and gainfully employed for 35 years and upon her husband's death, and he was usually a proud member of our armed forces, we swoop in and put her on a plane back to the war-torn country from whence she fled.

But now, it seems, we are waiting for those violent gang members to hone their sem-automatic weapon skills and as soon as they attain the gold medal - - whoosh. Off they go to their country of origin where now they have some means of supporting themselves.

You know we have sidewalk stands where non-citizens with violent pasts are able to stock up on whatever weaponry they seek. Oh, and those skill providing camps exist in the basements of most know, the evangelical sort of church where rabid right wingers spout their nonsense about freedoms of all sorts.

Man. We live in a wonderful world don't we?

And to think that I wanted to start this day with a quiet Bible reading.

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