Saturday, March 22, 2008

Holiday Greetings

I'm wishing everyone the Happiest Easter and if you don't celebrate Easter then have the happiest whatever you want. We are having a small get together tomorrow with some of the family. Some are working and some aren't speaking and

That was then and this is now. The dinner today was wonderful. My husband is a fabulous cook. He made lamb and a reduced something or other sauce, zinfandel I think. A neighbor stopped in and brought oysters he had just dug up or picked off or whatever you do with oysters. He also brought clams. We had shrimp. My FIL with the hip replacement was here and he had a hugely wonderful time. We kept giving him special treats and he ate them up (yuck, yuck). My BIL and his daughter were here and my late brother's son, my nephew. We had such a great day. Our rescue Rottie was a cannonball for about 10 minutes and then settled into leaning and loving hugs. Wine was poured, glasses were broken, carrot cake was eaten, lots of coffee and just a generally great family thing. Not as large as usual as I started to explain but quality as they say. We had our regular disagreement between my FIL and his two sons all of whom are deaf as haddocks which means no one knows who they're arguing with or what they other people have said but that doesn't stop them. The rest of us ate cake and watched. Now the husband? He's snoring in the chair and the nephew? watching some show about dinosaurs. Later Gators and Happy Easter. He is Risen Indeed!

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Shephard said...

Deaf as Haddocks! Funny!
Sounds like a truly enjoyable holiday, complete with dinosaurs and carrot cake.
Michele says hello!