Sunday, March 30, 2008

Catching Up

It has been busy around here. Didn't get away for the weekend until after 4:30 on Friday. So? You might say. Well, usually I get away on Thursday and do the odds and ends I can do from my computer at the house where my husband and dog live, the house where my life should be rather than that other house from which I commute to the JOB!

Arrived late Friday but per usual the husband was waiting for dinner. So, in the house, unpack, change clothes, pour wine and think about what to eat. I prefer to indulge in the wine a bit and the husband is chewing his arm off so I made soup and sandwiches and each of us ate as we were so inclined.

Saturday, day one of the dreaded obedience class for the girl. No, not me, haven't been a girl for a century or half. I told her she was going to dancing school so she was excited. No, seriously, she was. When we got to school which is an hour and a half from here but so worth it, we visited with all the folks we knew from our last great Rottie. The breeder owns the kennel/training school and her son runs the place. The trainer is the same wonderful lady who paced us through our Bear baby. She is so fabulous. Our girl was the oldest in the group and by far the biggest. She spent a lot of time in the center of the circle being used as the demo kid since she needed so much to be demo'd for. I don't know who was more exhausted when that hour was up, her and the hubby who paced her through it or me who had to keep getting up and leaving the room since I couldn't watch the two of them being singled out, yet again, for the demo thing. We were not a minute too soon with this class.

After class we met some friends who were bringing their kid, Louie, for a class as well. We had time for lunch and ate at a Vietnamese restaurant near by. Never had Vietnamese food before but let me say I will be on the hunt for more. Everything was fresh and flavorful and delicious. There were very few, just the four of us it seemed, non Vietnamese people in this place. It was very large and spotlessly clean. The waitresses were so lovely and helpful. We had a great experience and our waitress was so thrilled that I asked what her favorite was and ordered it. It was like a rice chowder with tons of chicken and cilantro. Bean sprouts were served on the side along with a chunk of lime.

Following lunch? Home we came and got on with the Saturday things like mopping the hardwood, vacuuming, dishes from earlier etc etc etc. After dinner we watched John Adams. We had missed the regular viewings so went to On Demand, what a great invention huh? We saw two episodes and are really looking forward to another. I read the book which was great and the series is certainly capturing the spirit of 76. Casting is really on target.

Today is a cold one and laundry is in order. The sun is out right now and the sky is a blinding bright blue. God's in His heaven, all's well with our world. I hope the same is true for you.


Warwick Circle said...

all well here. Enjoyed your post. Here via Michele. Have a good day

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