Saturday, November 30, 2013

More to come

So OK I've been reading here there and everywhere around this ole inter net thang and ... I have read more than once about how "my mother is (or was) my best friend". How over used and trite is that phrase? Really. Come on! I loved my mother. She was, absolutely, way better and more fun than most mothers but.... best friend? Wow. Where are these people coming from? I learned, a lot of years after I should have, that my mother had my back always. She never let me know however. She let everyone else know but ME? I was out there alone. She knew I would be eventually and that's what she was aiming for. Get out! Do it! Man up! or whatever you say to a fat foolish little girl who appeared to be the biggest target for whatever walked by. A kid with absolutely no street smarts (still don't have them by the way). You know.. She probably was and still is my best friend but not that I knew. She loved me enough to let me go. I loved her enough to never share what I was up to. She knew though. She knew too that she didn't want to know the details. I don't get that kids today tell their mothers everything. Where are the boundaries? Yeah. That's how old I am.


Eileen said...

I agree. My mom was never my best friend, I certainly didn't share with her everything I did. But she knew (at least most of it) and never said a thing until many years later.

And don't get me started on the parents who share everything with their kids. Really? Let them discover it for themselves.

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