Sunday, December 08, 2013

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to me! Yes. Another one bites the dust. Yesterday we attended a surprise party for my Aunt's 90th birthday. She was so surprised that her sons were worried she might collapse. Trooper and tough stuff that she is, she recovered and made the rounds for the rest of the afternoon never stopping to sit or eat. People who attended were astounded that she could be 90. Honestly, she looks 20 years younger.

During the event there were cousins or so who realized my birthday was imminent. We have a lot of December birthdays in the family. March was a month of cold dark nights obviously. As we hugged and they said Happy Birthday, I would correct them and explain it was not my birthday until tomorrow- now today and advised them of pain and death if they should say anything louder than the whisper to me. For once in my life I was listened to and they behaved. It was, after all, my Aunt's day.

Today however is mine. As many as there are, these years have gone by in a swoosh. I hope I have 20 more and like my Aunt, sail through looking strong and sane.

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