Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happily Ever After

We had such a great day. Ate drank and were merry. Yesterday we plowed through the wreckage. I say we but even after he cooked and cooked, that wonderful husband of mine cleaned and cleaned. We sat down and watched meaningless movies on TV until dinner time and then I heated up the leftovers and we had Thanksgiving dinner all over again. Oddly enough when I cleaned up from that I went to bed leaving my husband and nephew to eat pie.

Today is a sunny and cold one and we will amble through it in a most relaxed manner. I am doing laundry and we will go out to breakfast after which, believe it or not, I must get to the supermarket. How can it be? Well, the eggs and milk and bread need replenishing. Enjoy the lovely feeling of having no major meal to prepare.

Maybe Elf or A Christmas Story will be on. I can hope. Here's what's left of Thanksgiving.

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