Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Every Day In Every Way

Do you remember that phrase from years ago? We used to say it in kindergarten. I suppose that kindergarten doesn't even exist any more. Today this phrase would be called a positive affirmation to increase the childrens' self worth. Every day in every way I'm getting better and better.

He is doing that by the way. Still plodding along the road to recovery. We went for a walk day before yesterday, all the way to the beach and back. It really was a hike for a man who is walking like Tim Conway did when he played that old man part. Shuffle is more the word. Yesterday we recovered from the walk. He said he had more aches and pains than he knew he could have. Today? A little better. Tomorrow? We check in with the surgeon and he gets the staples out and all his questions answered. Or, perhaps I should say, all my questions answered. At least we haven't killed each other yet. In his case it's only because he can't move that fast so I can get away. Me? I am a saint and saints don't kill their patients. Do they?

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