Thursday, October 01, 2009

Down is Up

Once I see a theme in the news, I just keep seeing it. Roman Polanski, anyone? Word is that raping a 13 year old who is under the influence of the drugs you have given her is only a crime if no one knows who you are. Oh. Also. If the victim says, 30 odd years later, "I'm okay and wish it would go away/" As long as you are a well know artiste, crowds of similar known people will scream for justice. Justice in this case is to let it go.

One more thing. The leader of the pro justice for Polanski is Woody Allen. Well, we know who HE is and by golly lead on Woody.

This subject makes me want to take a shower. As the character in the Wizard of Oz said, and I guess she would now be the heroine of the piece, victimized by a teen whose hormonal rage was evident throughout the film, "What a world, what a world."

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