Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bone Idle

We are moving forward and healing. Not much action but that's ok. It's been cold for a few days. The pellet stove ran non-stop at night. We woke to frost and the news reported 27 degrees at sunrise. Thanks be to Global Warming or we would have been frozen solid in our sleep.

Today is a beautiful Fall day. The sun is blazing and the sky is BLUE! yes, it screams blue. We are driving to our other house, the one I want to clean out and sell, the one that is always on my mind, the one that overwhelms me with stuff to move and throw out and give away. When will I dig in and make it happen? I just sit and stare when I should be moving. Now, of course, I have my husband's recovery from surgery to ease my guilt of idleness. He's making great progress and I am developing anxiety over what I can blame next for not doing things on my to do list.

I just want to be rooted. Sooner or later I will be planted but I would like a spell of contentedness before that. I keep reading the Bible. Paul says that we should be content whatever our circumstances. Faith in the Lord will bring that peace. It seems to elude me. I must try harder or just give it up and let God do it for me. Trouble is, I have to try to give it up and there I am again.

Oh, bother. I will go shower and get on with my day of errands. It is a beautiful day and I must hold on to that.

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Sara said...

Glad to hear that you are moving forward and healing. That is important. we have had several beautiful days in a row - but it is ending tomorrow night - and starting to rain...

You will get it all due time...relax...thinking of you.